As he relives the memories of holidaying with his dad at a campsite near Taunton, Roy Stride, the lead singer and guitarist for award-winning band Scouting for Girls, is gearing up for his visit to the West Country for Somerset Rocks.

It was announced in May that the trio would be the special guests for Will Young at charity concert in Vivary Park during the Bank Holiday weekend August.

“It is going to be really good fun,” Roy said.

“I have a lot of memories of Taunton. I used to come here with my dad on holidays. It just reminds me of hot summer days.”

The highly -anticipated event is for Somerset Rocks - a concert in aid of Taunton-based charity St Margaret's Hospice over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Will Young and Scouting for Girls will be playing on the Saturday night, between Status Quo, who are set to perform on Friday night, and Jools Holland on Sunday.

Roy said: “I am a big fan of Will, we will definitely work well together and bring the party.”

The trio are no strangers to charity work, as they are the official ambassadors for the children's charity Wellchild.

“I didn’t know at first that the gig was for charity, but when I found out it was for St Margaret’s Hospice I was really happy, it was amazing news,” Roy added.

Limited Edition Somerset:

“We took part in a charity bike ride for Wellchild from London to Brighton on children’s bikes.

“It should have taken us a few hours but instead it took a few days.”

The London band is made up of three childhood friends - Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse, on bass guitar, and Peter Ellard, on percussion.

And the trio have known each other for years.

Roy met Pete in Cub Scouts, and then the pair met Greg on their first day of school.

The boys are holding out for decent weather for the Bank Holiday weekend, as nothing tops a festival for them like good weather.

He said: “There is nothing better than a British summer. Everyone here really appreciates it when we have good weather.

“I feel like our music is the perfect soundtrack to the summer.”

Scouting for Girls have a host of songs that you can’t help but singalong to.

Hit tracks such as She’s So Lovely and Heartbeat from their self-titled debut album are bound to get you humming and tapping your feet.

“My favourite song of ours is a tough one to pick.

“I love She’s So Lovely because it is the song that broke us out.

“I had a look on the Spotify streaming list a while ago and it was still the 95th most streamed song, even though it was released ten years ago.

“But if I had to choose it would definitely be Home, it is my favourite song to play live and my favourite song we’ve ever written.

“My favourite song of all-time has to be God Only Knows by the Beach Boys. I heard Brian Wilson sing it at a particularly miserable and soggy Glastonbury once, and as he started singing the sun came out.

“It is my favourite moment of all time, I nearly burst into tears.”

One of the band’s catchy songs I Wish I Was James Bond leads to a controversial question – exactly which James Bond does Roy Stride want to be?

He answered: “Of course it is Roger Moore. There is only one Bond for those of us who grew up in the 80s.”

The trio have an hour-long set before relinquishing the stage to Will Young.

The boys will be more than ready to rock Somerset after playing an array of festivals throughout the summer.

Roy said: “We should be well and truly in the swing of things by August. We are doing quite a few festivals throughout the summer.

“My favourite thing about performing has to be when everyone is loving it and you can feel a real energy.

“Some people don’t like it, but I think it is a real privilege to have your songs sang back to you.”