Five fantastic travel products

Steve Aoki Suitcase – £349.95 from

The collaboration between DJ and scooter aficionados has resulted in this kick-board, suitcase and trolley hybrid that’ll get you from A to B in a flash, all while serenaded by the on-board Bluetooth speakers. There is also a more subtle version without the musical ability, which is a couple of budget airline tickets less.

Spaced 360 – £250 from

Is there a category in consumer technology so over-populated as that of the Bluetooth speaker? But don’t be overwhelmed; just pick this one. The unit packs three powerful speakers to deliver 360 degree sound and a bass that punches above its weight, all enclosed in a stylish unit with multiple skin colours to swap according to your location. Perhaps yellow for sunny holidays, black for a less sunny staycation?

Port Solar Charger – £49.99 from

Forget the usual portable power units that’ll need another source of electricity to get them in action again, this one harnesses the power of the sun - and there’s apparently 2.8billion years of the stuff left. Stick it up on a window, let it soak up the rays, then plug in your gadgets until they’re back up to 100%. Easy.

Collapsible Pack-Away kettle – £29.99 from

The thought of no early morning cuppa is enough to deter some people from even thinking about a camping trip. But this nifty flat pack kettle will ensure your boiled water doesn’t taste metallic, while the stainless steel base means it’ll heat up over almost any source. Cheers to that.

Ricoh WG-4 – £289.99 from

If you’re inclined to be a tad clumsy with your gadgetry, this Ricoh is the one for you. The 16 megapixel WG-4 is built to put up with water, bumps, knocks and shocks, and (for those not clumsy but inclined to extreme adventuring), it can also work in freezing temperatures and underwater to depths of up to 14 metres.