What better way to treat man's best friend then with a delicious doggy treat or two.

That's exactly what Victoria Stent, founder of Four Legged Fancies thinks we should do.

The bespoke dog bakery near Bath specialises in handmade, organic and wheat-free treats for dogs, and despite only setting up four years ago, dogs all over are woofing down her treats.

Victoria is no stranger to dogs - her and her family are Guide Dog puppy walkers and have helped train over 45 dogs.

But where did her crazy cakes start?

Limited Edition Somerset:

Victoria said: "I worked in marketing for a number of years but alongside that I've always had dogs and my parents have always had dogs.

"I've always been interested about the ingredients that go in to dog foods and treats, there's so much that they can't eat.

"A lot of the treats we give to our dogs look nice but they actually contain high amounts of salt, sugar, preservatives and colours which can make a dog quite ill.

"I've always had a connection with dogs and so I just started baking one day and testing it out on my parent's dogs and then started to go to the Bath Farmers Market and I had quite a good response so it's all just taken off from there."

And her treats have a long star studded list of celebrity clients - four legs and two - including pooches from Channel 4's hit show Gogglebox.

So what goes into Victoria's treats?

Limited Edition Somerset:

As well as the farmers market, Victoria travels the country going to shows, country fairs, and she has recently started supplying to Pets at Home.

"There's actually quite a lot of dog cook books out there so I've done a lot of research in to what dogs can and can't have.

"All of the food is made with natural ingredients so for example actual chicken and beef as opposed to flavourings and I try and keep the treats as low fat as possible.

"I never use wheat because a lot of dogs are actually allergic to it, instead I use gluten free flower.

"I make cakes, a range of biscuits both sweet and savory and then pies and pupcakes.

"The pupcakes are great fun as you can be a bit whacky with the flavours, so I do a bangers and mash flavour, peanut butter and a beef hotpot which is very popular."

In addition to Victoria's homemade baked goods, Four Legged Fancies also supplies dog accessories, toys and a newly launched ‘Party Package’ which includes an edible pass the parcel, birthday cake and doggy music playlist.

Limited Edition Somerset:

Victoria added: "The party package is great fun and has everything for your dog to have the best birthday.

"There's a birthday cake, doggy music playlist, goody bags, a present for the dog and my favourite - a pass the parcel with dog safe edible wrapping paper which is made from soya.

"So many people give dogs presents wrapped up, and often the wrapping paper can be harmful for their teeth so this is a great way for them to enjoy the fun and it's edible and healthy.

"I'm also just working on new products for Christmas so we've got baubles filled with treats, a Christmas cracker for dogs and gingerbread for dogs."

Victoria moved out of Bath city centre to the outskirts so that she was able to bake more to meet her growing demand, and she has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

She said she spends most of her week baking, ready for wherever she is off to at the weekends.

Victoria added: "It was a shame because I no longer keep my own dogs but because I am away at shows or events most weekends I have to spend pretty much all week cooking.

Limited Edition Somerset:

"It's just me doing it so I have four ovens and they are constantly on so it can get quite hot, but I really enjoy it and I've had some great feedback.

"I'm not sure if I would ever open a bakery, I think that kind of thing would do so well in LA or somewhere but I am thinking about running a pop up shop at some point."

  • You can find out more about Victoria and Four Legged Fancies by visiting www.fourleggedfancies.co.uk